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Akash Systems is focused on developing and supplying the next generation of small satellites (CubeSats), satellite transmitters, and the RF Power Amplifiers. The company uses new composite material, gallium nitride (GaN)-on-Diamond, invented by Akash cofounder Ejeckam, for their products. GaN-on-Diamond provides a cooler state of operation whichimproves energy efficiency and reduces a system's size, weight, and operating costs.
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Amberdata is a blockchain and cryptoasset data company that offers tools for exchanges, wallets, traders, and developers.
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India's largest retail tech platform in consumer durables segment transforming 300,000+ SMEs with its flagship "Go Store" product
AskPorter is an AI messaging platform that optimizes property and facilities management, reducing admin and the cost of management, whilst improving customer satisfaction.AskPorter was created to free property managers and tenants from the outdated administration and communication processes. AskPorter removes this friction through automation, anddeep-learning artificial intelligence. AskPorter allows property managers to thrive, and even scale without the burden of increased hassle.
As a car owner in Latin America, there are essentially two options for vehicle repair: dealerships which charge exorbitant prices, or informal "talleres" (repair shops) which cost less but provide poor service and customer experience. Autolab aims to be the third (and clearly the best) option by creating a brand of auto repairsuper-centers with expert service and quality customer care, at a price that outcompetes dealerships.
Bear Flag Robotics is developing autonomous farming technology. Growers can orchestrate a fleet of autonomous equipment directly from their smartphone or tablet, allowing them to realize productivity gains and reduce their operational expenses.
Bitesize brings fun and entertaining bitesize content to consumers everywhere. With Bitesize, brands can have an interactive conversation with any consumer of their choice, build a meaningful relationship, and drive sales. Today’s consumers crave for something far more meaningful than a personalized email or webpage - they crave for realconversations with the brand. For a long time, scaling personal interactions was nearly impossible. With Bitesize, marketers can finally provide a genuine 1-on-1 conversation experience to millions of consumers.
Blokable creates prosperity and equity in communities by disintermediating the traditional development process and providing a vertically integrated solution to create housing at scale. Our solution is a new paradigm in development, enabled by a new building system and technology.
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BrainHi provides personnel communication with potential patients by bringing phone customer service to online private messaging. It provides services, including answer to potential patients, reduce administrative pressure of staff, schedules appointments, and manage missed calls.
Bumblebee Spaces is a robotics startup changing the way we live. More than half of household income goes towards housing, a basic need, in almost all the top productive cities in the world. We think that's unreasonable and are determined to change it using robotics and AI. We are building to deploy, surprise & delight the world soon! If you are interested in being part of this incredible journey,
Contraline is a medical device company developing a long-lasting, non-hormonal, and reversible male contraceptive using advancements in hydrogel technology.
DASH Systems is a Los Angeles based technology company developing hardware and software to enable precision airdrop deliveries. We take a commercial airplane and through the door we autonomously release and land packages within a helipad-size area. Our technology allows commercial cargo to be safely delivered in remote, rural, or previously inaccessible areas, quickly and affordably.